Educate with EducatAI©

EducatAI provides managers with the critical AI knowledge they require for leading their fund AI transformation. The program is based on our experience teaching in top business schools, advising many fund managers, and presenting in top industry conferences.

Part 1

AI fundamentals: demystifying AI technology

(Complemented with workshop on AI tools e.g. ChatGPT and AIx2 InvestAI©)


  • Exploring the magic of various AI systems and dispelling common misconception about AI
  • History of AI technology: the magic of deep neural networks
  • Criteria for differentiating between AI technologies
  • Recognizing the constraints of current AI technologies
  • Matching of different AI algorithms to different specific applications
  • The future evolution of AI algorithms and their implementation
Part 2

AI Impact on investment funds: evolution or revolution?

1) AI impact internally on investment funds

  • What is the driving surge for AI in investment funds?
  • Who are leaders in the investment industry in adopting AI?
  • How have large language models e.g ChatGPT changed the adoption of AI across investment funds?
  • Which entities can readily use AI in investment industry?
  • What are predominant AI use cases for investment funds?
  • What are data sources used in investment industry?
  • What are engineering solutions used in investment industry?

2) AI impact on portfolio companies

  • What is the global value add of AI?
  • Which sectors see more impact with AI?
  • What is the AI impact on job market and labor skills?
  • What are AI social risks? What are legislative responses to AI?
Part 3

Designing a tailored AI strategy to unlock a fund’s potential

(Complemented with workshop for a top-down strategy)


  • What is an AI transformation strategy?
  • What are the risks of AI for funds and how to mitigate them?
  • How to design a strategy for internal AI transformation?
  • How to design a strategy to support AI transformation of portfolio companies?
Part 4

Designing tailored AI use cases for the fund

(Workshop for use case details)


Workshop to define tailored AI use cases for your fund in a comprehensive way