Tailored Alpha with AI for Alternative Investment

  • Boost due diligence

  • Improve deal processes

  • Enhance LP/GP relations

  • Synthesize market reports

Industry thought leader

AIx2 is featured in leading industry publications and has been invited to present at major industry conferences.


Senior Investor, NY Pension Fund, $200B+ AUM

“Major part of my time was spent on preparing repetitive investment memos. AIx2's document analysis AI software reduced this time by more than half while being fully secure and compliant. I have been able to review 50% more deals with the freed up time.”


“Due diligence by processing large documents is time taking and often low quality. AIx2 document analysis software allows making due diligence documents 70% faster and with complete deeper insights. The outcomes are not only highly accurate, but also contain references to the source documents, making validation easy. This will protect us from high risk deals while timely capturing high value deals. “

From deep AI research and industry experience

AIx2 is built by a team with deep domain knowledge in finance, AI research, and AI transformation. We have been experiencing the challenge of time taking document analysis first hand, which hinders alpha generation in investment; and we have designed a complete solution for it with AI.

Quickly Start Alpha Generation with AI-Powered Document Analysis

Boost your due diligence, deal processes, LP/GP relations, and market synthesis with AI document analysis to capture alpha

Analyzing insights from large set of documents is time taking process often at low quality, which hinders investors from capturing alpha timely.

AIx2 AI software, InvestAI©, instantly provides AI-boosted document analysis including extracting targeted insights, generating templated documents, and finding source reports from both fund internal and external data. Examples of input data sources include CRM, deal room, research management system (RMS) as well as internet public data.

AIx2 software will immediately boost quality and reduce time for responding to LP queries, preparing investment memos, generating due diligence documents, finding relevant market reports, and looking up deal history, among other use cases. This results in sharper and timely deal insights and risk evaluation, and frees up investor time for more deal flow. Consequently, it results in capturing higher alpha timely.

Your Benefits

Generate higher alpha with a larger deal flow of higher quality deals

Save time and cost for successful AI transformation of your fund

Gain operational efficiency and free up time for real value-add tasks by applying AI across the investment process

Reduce the investment risk with faster and sharper insights

Ensure compliance and security while capturing full advantage of AI power

Catalyze successful AI transformation of the fund (5-10x faster) with AI education for fund managers and a tailored AI strategy for the fund

Who is AIx2 for?

We partner up with alternative investment funds and fund-of-funds across asset classes, both in private and public investment space, to realize the benefits of tailored AI

Funds include private equity, private credit, hedge funds, private real estate and others.

Fund-of-funds includes both institutional ones e.g. Pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, etc., and non-institutional ones e.g. corporate investment departments, family offices, etc.

Compliance and Security

We ensure compliance and security of your fund while leveraging full power of AI based on our extensive experience in security research and implementation

17a-4 archival to meet SEC compliance and regulations

Granular file access control by user access only via the fund data-base (e.g. SharePoint, SalesForce, etc.) to prevent internal or external breach of data

Strict prohibition of training fund data on public LLMs to prevent external breach of data

Strong security and privacy safeguards to prevent hacks and attacks

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AIx2 Story and Leadership

We are with you in every step of your fund AI transformation to ensure success. We experienced the challenge of time-taking document analysis in investment first hand. We observed how it hinders investors from alpha generation. And we decided to design a complete solution for it with AI, based on our extensive experience in AI research, institutional investment, strategy consulting, and AI education to executives.

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